Vegan Thai coconut ice cream – fast and without ice cream machine

Coconut ice cream is very popular, and that is not surprising! Because ice cream is on everyone’s lips – and has been for five thousand years. In China, this sweet was invented and was widespread. But already in ancient times it was known in Europe. It was refined and spread several centuries later by Italians.

Italy is still considered the number one in Europe in the secrets of ice cream production. In Germany today, there are different types of ice cream. Depending on the milk, cream, fruit and water content, there are different names.

Recipe coconut ice cream from Thailand

Recipe for vegan coconut ice cream from Thailand

In Thailand, one follows their completely different traditions. And making your own ice cream at home doesn’t have to be complicated, either. On the contrary, let yourself be inspired and get a piece of Thailand in the apartment with a homemade coconut ice cream or Itim Kati (in Thai) and this recipe.

Coconut – fruit with history

Ice cream with coconut flavor is typical of Thailand. Since time immemorial, the cultivation of coconut palms has been a tradition in the Asian country. In 2018, Thailand was the ninth-largest coconut producer in the world. The coconut has been a source of food in Thailand since time immemorial. So it’s no surprise that it also appears as an ingredient in ice cream.

Coconut is the fruit of the palm tree and is not really a nut at all. The hard, almost wooden shell surrounds the white flesh of the fruit. Coconuts that are still unripe contain coconut water inside the nut. Coconut milk does not occur in the fruit, but is made from the pulp.

Recipe coconut ice cream from Thailand

Thai coconut ice cream is made from coconut milk, coconut water and sugar. Thai coconut ice cream is traditionally sold in markets in special ice cream machines. These ice machines are filled with dry ice with many tubes inside. The desired liquid is poured into the tubes and cooled. In between, popsicle sticks are inserted into the tubes.

A relatively new trend in Thailand is to make coconut ice cream without an ice cream machine. Then the ice cream is rolled. While the ingredient list for coconut-flavored ice cream is very short, especially in Thailand, the variety of toppings offered make the treat something quite typical. Chocolate sauce and peanuts are still to be called little exotic.

Little ingredients for the preparation of vegan coconut ice cream

Recipe coconut ice cream from Thailand

You can easily make your own coconut ice cream at home without an ice cream maker. You can mix coconut milk and water with sugar and freeze it. Furthermore, you can also replace the sugar with agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar.

The coconut ice cream will be creamier if you mix the coconut milk and sugar with cream. If you like, you can add the inside of a vanilla bean.

Everything is heated without boiling. Then put the mixture in an ice cream maker or in the freezer. If you choose the freezer, it’s a good idea to stir the ice cream regularly until it’s completely frozen, so that no coarse ice crystals form.

Preparation of the coconut ice cream from Thailand

Recipe coconut ice cream from Thailand

You can get the ingredients easily. Almost every supermarket sells canned coconut milk. In Asian markets, you can buy fresh coconut milk and also coconut water. For your own ice cream production, the fresh coconut pulp is of no use, because it is too solid.

However, it tastes just as delicious as the milk, of which the pulp is a component. It also contains a lot of minerals and vitamin C. Coconut milk contains a lower percentage of fat than the pulp.

For the milk, the pulp is mixed with water and squeezed. This reduces the percentage of fat and the flavor remains intense. A touch of exoticism, reminiscent of vacation, beach, palm trees, summer. Simply made at home.

Ingredients and preparation of coconut ice cream:

You need 2 cans of unsweetened coconut milk (800ml total), up to 150 g of sugar, palm sugar or coconut blossom sugar. As well as 100ml coconut water and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

In addition, various toppings, depending on taste. This can be, peanuts, coconut chips, chocolate sauce or even fruits such as mango or pineapple.

The preparation of coconut ice cream is simple:

Put the sugar and coconut water in a pot to make a syrup. Then put all the ingredients for the ice cream in a pot and mix very slowly over medium heat. Do not let it boil, then the mixture for the coconut ice cream may flocculate.

Place in a container suitable for the freezer and place in the freezer.

Stir vigorously every 30 minutes to prevent ice crystals from forming, resulting in a creamy mixture. This will take about 4 hours. The shallower the container, the faster the ice cream will set.

Allow to thaw for about 10 minutes before serving, then the coconut ice cream is easy to shape.


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